You Asked, We Answered

Why isn't regular "deep cleaning" good enough?

Methods such as sanitized rags pose the potential for cross contamination and would only result in the bacteria and viruses being transferred to different surfaces. As for alternative disinfecting methods, when only sanitizer is met on surface it can only kill what is already on surfaces. Our solution will not only destroy harmful micro-organisms, but continually destroy bacteria it comes in contact with.

Is the solution safe? Is it EPA registered?

Yes, our disinfectant solution is EPA- registered and is safe for:

  • Nurseries

  • Hospitals

  • Pets

  • Children

  • Food preparation areas

  • All surfaces!

How often do you have to spray to keep a safe environment?

With standard disinfectants, you would need to spray in between customers, guests, or employees coming in contact with surfaces. With 1st Defense's antimicrobial solution, we provide a 90 day defense against viruses and bacteria. For higher traffic areas, we recommend every 30 days for extra precaution.

How do I get a quote or schedule an appointment?

Awesome, we can't wait to get in touch! You can contact us by email directly at or if you prefer to chat with us then give us a call at 661-607-7705.   

How long will the whole process take? Will I have to shut down my business?

No shut down necessary. Our process is effective and quick. We only require slight preparation from you, our client. Depending on the size of your facility, the disinfecting process can take from 45 minutes to a few hours. Our crew is flexible in our timing and can spray before of after your business hours.

What is atomizing?

Atomization is the process of decontamination at the micro level by breaking down the disinfectant to the 30-50 micron level. To give perspective, a single human hair’s width is 100 microns. This allows for the optimal amount of the solution’s coverage and have the disinfectant infiltrate deeper into the surfaces levels that are being sprayed.